Old First Concerts
SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017 AT 4:00PM

Tangonero and Claudio Ortega: a concert of tango music
Michèle Walther, violin; Amy Zanrosso, piano; Richard Duke, bass; Alex Roitman, bandoneon; Claudio Ortega, vocals
With members from Russia, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States, Tangonero is a San Francisco based ensemble dedicated to preserving the tradition of Argentine Tango. From the folk styling of Roberto Grela to the jazz infused grandeur of Astor Piazzolla, their arrangements cover the broad scope of tango history. Overflowing with intense passion, desire and sorrow, their performance captures the fire of the dance and the essence of a culture. The program features tango pieces composed by Pedro Laurenz, Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Berlingieri, Horacio Salgán, Alfredo Gobbi, Astor Piazzolla and others. It covers the broad scope of tango history, from traditional dancing repertoire to more modern arrangements and concert pieces, to intimate vocal canciónes featuring singer Claudio Ortega. The tangos are complimented by the waltzes and the milongas, all part of the traditional tango repertoire. Despite the variety of the material, all the tracks are united by the unambiguous tango character.
$18.00 General (includes advance online discount)
$15.00 Seniors (65+, includes advance online discount)
$5.00 Full Time Students
    (Children 12 and under are free)


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