Old First Concerts
SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013 AT 4:00PM

Pleasanton Chamber Players
à l'allemande, à la française!
Marie Flexer, violin; Paul Rhodes, 'cello; Kris Palmer, flute; William Harrington, horn; Dominique Piana, harp; Danielle Naler, piano
For their 10th anniversary performance, the Pleasanton Chamber Players present a program featuring a “German half” and a “French half”, with beloved favorites and rare gems from the late romantic classical era, showcasing an interesting variety of instrumental combinations. Continuing a tradition of eclectic programming, the Pleasanton Chamber Players will introduce an instrument new to the group: the robust French horn. The first “German” half of the concert will feature late-romantic works: Brahms’ Trio Op. 40 for piano, violin and horn, with its hunting-horn calls and love-of-nature theme, as well as the Nocturne by the verismo opera composer Ferdinand Hummel and Gondellied by harpist Alfred Holý. The second “French” half will start with Aubade, a collaborative work by Bochsa, Tulou, Duport and Puzzi, who were each famous virtuosos on their respective instrument (harp, flute, ‘cello and horn) and performed this early morning potpourri in front of the French Royal Family (Louis XVIII and gang after Napoleon’s exile to Alba) at the time of the first French Restoration. Louis Ganne’s Extase (Ecstasy) for violin, ‘cello and harp will show a more traditional treatment of a mood for which his contemporary Debussy is justly celebrated (as in C’est l’extase). The program will end with Fauré’s Trio in D minor Op. 120, for violin, ‘cello and piano, a stunning masterpiece of his old age.

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